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what's up guys I name is Darrow and today I'm gonna be showing you all how to create a custom registration form with WordPress now if you're running a form where you're running a blog you want people to come to your website and register so they'll show you how to create a custom iteration form that'll kind of match your current theme setting so for example right here I have my website and I want people to register you know I want them to register on my website so here I have this register button and it's going to take them to this custom registration form now I'm gonna show you how to create this same exact form and show you how you can modify and change it to match your current theme scheme like if your everything like a green color or red color or whatever so this is my form it looks nice and it's something that you know people might want to come out and you know fill out so right here I have like my color black and and white and you can change this to any colors you can change the padding you can change the margin you can add different icons as well now this is all done with a free plugin it's write everyone loves free so today I'm gonna show you what plugin I use and how to do that so let's go ahead and go into our WordPress dashboard right here and I'm gonna go to alt submit or not that's the one I did but the one I use was ultimate member I was kind of I already have it installed obviously you know so ultimate member and I use this one right here so it's this little smiley face one right here it has already 100000 active installs with five hundred and fifty positive reviews so it's it's probably one of the best ones you know I actually did go around and use my five or six other ones and this one was the best because you can add CSS to it to change the color and I'll talk more about that at the end of this video so right here we have ultra member and the thing I like about this is that it actually creates the forms for you that creates all the pages for you does everything for you so all you need to do is really focus on styling it so right here we have settings and right here there's different options you know these are all the pages you can create a custom page or it'll just create them all for you this is the email now the email I do recommend to look into because let's say you want someone to activate their email like they sign up for their your website and you want them to activate in their email address which is you know it prevents spam right here you click on this check box and you can go ahead and click on account activate email and then you can also edit every single email as well now I kind of recommend doing that because I actually got spam once when I left it open by these BOTS from Russia you know go figure that's when I was with so with with house key and they're like they're saying I had like a DD a-- ddos attack or something like...